Rome to Pompeii & Herculaneum Tour / 11 hours

Take a fascinating full-day tour from Rome to Pompeii and Herculaneum. These famous Ancient cities near Naples were destroyed by the eruption of the Volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD and covered by its ashes for centuries until were excavated again.

Our driver with its comfortable new van will pick you up at the hotel in Rome and drive South through the Italian countryside.

On the road you will stop by the Abbey of Montecassino, one of Europe's most important religious monasteries. It was also the burial place of Saint Benedict. The drive continues by the city of Naples overlooked by the imposing Mount Vesuvius.

You will get off in front of the entrance of the archeological area of Pompeii where you will meet your local guide. He is a licensed professional guide as well as an Archelogy graduate. With him you will visit the Gladiators' barracks, the theatres, the thermal baths of the Ancient city.

The walk continues to some richly decorated houses, the forum, the brothels (you can decide to skip this part).

The guide will make history become present tell you not only facts but anectodes and interesting curiosities as well that will never make the tour boring.

He will also show you graphic reconstructions of the building to make you visualize how they looked like in the past. These are particularly suitable for kids.

After this two hours tour of Pompeii the driver will take you to an authentic Italian restaurant for Lunch. There, you will be able to taste the specialties of the area: the mozzarella, the Napolitan pizza, the seafood spaghetti and the original Limoncello.

After the break you will reach Herculaneum. Unlike Pompeii, covered by layers of ashes and lapillus, Herculaneum was submerged by 25 meters thick layer of mud and lava. It was the mud that preserved it all, sealing everything.

At Herculaneum the wealthy Romans enjoyed their vacations. You will visit one of the most beautiful dwellings of the city: the House with the Mosaic Atrium, which owes its name to the beautiful black and white pavement.

The walk continues to the House of the Deer, the Thermal Baths of the Forum, the Palestra, the Basilica and the House of carbonised furniture. The tour will end at the Forum. Then the driver will take you back to your hotel in Rome.

What makes this tour unique?

1 - You will visit the two most famous excavated Ancient Cities in the world in only one tour!

2 - Avoid the lines, the heat, the crowds with an exclusive guided tour.

3 - Private driver and air-conditioned comfortable van.

4 - Top-level professional English Guide with Official License and excellent reviews.


Our tours are private and depart daily. Call us at +39 328 94 73 305 for more information regarding the above tour, or to begin customizing your own itinerary

Booking and prices

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Sites Visited

Ancient Pompei
Archaeological Area
Gladiators' Barracks
The Ancient Four-Sided Portico
Two Theatres
The Big and the Small Theatre
The Counter & the Jars
House of The Ceii
The Polical Campaigns' Graffiti
House of Menander
Frescos & Doric Peristyle
Ancient Pedestrian Area
Street Crossing Stones, Fountains & Pipes


Lupanare (Brothers)
Frescos of Sex Positions
The Forum
The Museum & Body Molds
Ancient Herculaneum
Archaelogical Area
Thermal Baths
The public bathing houses of the city
House of Neptune
Includes an Ancient Shop & Mosaics